For whom is Polarity suitable?

People who want to take control of their health in a holistic, self-managed, natural and process-oriented way will find in the Polariy Therapy a suitable health model.

It is suitable for infants and all adults also up to high age.

Polarity does the body good - it activates the self-healing process and leads to a substantially improved quality of life and more consciousness in the every day life.

Polarity helps the following symptoms:

- Joint and back pain
- Tightness
- Concentration and sleep disturbances
- Trauma, whiplash
- Migraine
- Digestion disturbances
- Colds
- Stress
- Anxiety
- Nervousness Fear
- Exhaustion

As prevention for the preservation of the health

Regular Polarity Therapy is supportive after operations, accidents and serious illness

Polarity supplements a medical support in a holistic way.


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