Polarity Exercises (Yoga)

Dr. Stone developed simple body stretch exercises, which increase the vitality and support the energy flow, the Polarity Yoga Exercises.

These exercises offer many self-managed energy-balancing strategies which facilitate the movement of energy in the body-mind.

Simple and focussed energy exercises help the body to relax, increase mobility, improve perception, release stress, make moving a pleasure, increase felxibility of the body, stretch muscles and other tissue and increase vitality.
These postures support the function of the organs and help for better elimination and digestion.
With these gentle body stretch exercises the breath flow can go into reduced ranges of the body and helps diminish tightness. The body perception is refined.

For each element there are a number of exercises. Body, soul and spirit are animated and the entire well-being is promoted

In small groups I offer Polarity Yoga lesson taking place regularly in the evening.
On Mondays from 19.00 – 20.00h in the Center of Basel City.

For more information please visit page «current offer/actual courses».


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